Your Ultimate Guide to Exploring River Edge, NJ, Englewood, NJ, and Beyond After Servicing Your Home Heating System

After successfully fixing up your heating service at your cozy New Jersey home, courtesy of the talented and highly-experienced technicians at Katham Industries, Inc., you can now take the time to explore the scenic landscapes and thrilling attractions of River Edge, NJ, and Englewood, NJ. Whether it’s furnace repair in Leonia, NJ, heater installation in Haworth, NJ, or furnace service in Bergenfield, NJ, Katham Industries has you covered so you can enjoy the sights and sounds without any worry.

Furnace Services & Fun Activities in River Edge, NJ

After ensuring that your heating service is well-optimized and efficient, step out and enjoy River Edge’s New Jersey’s Natural History museum. Explore the knowledge-rich exhibits that showcase a wide range of geological, biological, and archaeological wonders. Take a trip back in time and immerse yourself in the rich history of New Jersey at the Historical Society of River Edge.

Experiencing Englewood, NJ

Just finished a furnace replacement service? It’s time to discover the vibrant city of Englewood, NJ. Start your journey by visiting the Flat Rock Brook Nature Center, where you can engage with the lush wilderness of Englewood while hiking, bird-watching, or simply enjoying a therapeutic walk amidst nature. Sample some delicious cuisine from around the globe as you explore Englewood’s multicultural food scene or even enjoy a local event or show at the Bergen Performing Arts Center.

Don’t forget to make the most out of your trip with a visit to the Palisades Interstate Park. Offering breathtaking views of the Hudson River, this park is perfect for outdoor sports, picnicking, or a scenic drive. Remember, the fun doesn’t stop after your heating service or furnace service with Katham Industries, Inc. Get out there and live the best of River Edge, NJ, and Englewood, NJ today!