Debunking HVAC Myths with Family Heating & Air

When it comes to the world of HVAC, many myths circulate and create confusion among homeowners. These misconceptions can often lead to inefficiency, increased energy costs, or potential damage. Family Heating & Air, your trusted HVAC Contractor, takes pride in educating our customers, so let’s debunk some of these HVAC myths.

Myth 1: The Bigger, The Better

Contrary to popular belief, a larger HVAC system is not always better for your home. Many factors determine the suitable size, such as your home’s square footage, insulation level, and climate. An oversized unit can lead to increased energy costs, uneven cooling, and low dehumidification. Family Heating & Air ensures proper calculations and installations based on your specific needs.

Myth 2: Thermostat Placement Doesn’t Affect Heating or Cooling

The thermostat’s location can significantly impact your HVAC system’s efficiency and operations. If placed near windows or vents, it might read a temperature that doesn’t represent your home’s overall temperature, leading to inefficient functioning. Family Heating & Air can assist in the optimal placement of your thermometer for precise readings and energy efficiency.

Myth 3: You Only Need to Change Your Air Filter Once a Year

Many overlook the importance of regularly changing their air filters. A clean filter promotes air quality, reduces energy consumption, and maximizes your system’s lifespan. The typical recommendation is every 30-90 days, but it can vary depending on factors such as pet ownership or allergies.

To learn more about HVAC well-being, trust none other than Family Heating & Air, your go-to experts in keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. Contact us for any HVAC related queries, concerns, or services, and experience the best HVAC services in town.