Discover the Leading Edge in Furnace Replacement and Heating Services

At Turner & Schoel, we consistently aim to offer an unmatched level of quality and efficiency. Our comprehensive portfolio ranges from furnace replacement to heating repair, ensuring we cover all of your heating needs. We proudly serve Northport, Tuscaloosa, Samantha, Cottondale, AL, and surrounding areas.

Furnace Replacement

Our expert team specializes in furnace replacement. No matter the age or condition of your current model, we have the expertise to identify and install the right replacement for you. We carefully assess your heating needs to recommend the most efficient and cost-effective solution, ensuring the warmth and comfort of your home in the chilliest weather.

Furnace Repair

But what if your furnace does not need a complete replacement? That’s where our skilled furnace repair services come into play. We firmly believe in extending the lifespan of your current unit if it’s feasible and economically sound. Our team of qualified technicians can quickly diagnose issues and efficiently fix them, taking into account the specific make and model of your furnace.

Heating Service

Prevention, we always say, is the best cure. Investing in regular heating service can yield dividends by reducing the frequency and costs of unexpected breakdowns. We offer routine maintenance programs that include regular checks, cleaning, and minor repairs to keep your heating system running smoothly all winter long.

Heating Repair & Furnace Service

Last, but not least, is our combined heating repair and furnace service. We understand that these two elements of your home’s comfort are integral and often interconnected. Our team is adept at troubleshooting the issues and finding the best fit solutions to maintain your home’s warmth.

To get a taste of superior quality heating services in Northport, Tuscaloosa, Samantha, Cottondale, AL, rely on Turner & Schoel. Feel free to contact us anytime for all your heating needs. Don’t let old man winter catch you off-guard – stay prepared with excellent furnace and heating services.