Beat the Heat: DIY Tips for Basic Air Conditioner Repair in Cocoa Beach, FL

Rising temperatures may induce panic, especially if your AC unit decides to malfunction. To save you the stress, here’s a quick guide on DIY tips for basic air conditioner repair in Cocoa Beach, FL, as well as neighboring areas.

Check Your Thermostat

Always start with the simplest step — checking your thermostat. Is it set at the right temperature? Are the batteries functioning correctly? If not, try changing them. It’s surprising how often the problem is just that easy to solve! But, if the lights on your thermostat aren’t coming on even after changing the batteries, it’s time to call a professional to avoid additional damages.

Next, inspect your Air Conditioner filters. A clogged or dirty filter hinders airflow, causing the unit to work harder than necessary and not delivering the best performance. Check the filters of your unit and replace them regular intervals. For those living near the beach, salt air can speed up filter contamination; thus, regular check-ups become even more essential.

Inspect the Breaker

Have you checked your breaker yet? If your AC unit isn’t functioning, it might be because a breaker has tripped. Before fussing over complex issues, confirm that it isn’t this simple problem. However, if you’re repeatedly resetting tripped breakers, you might have a much larger electrical issue at hand.

What about the access panel? If it’s loose, it might be the culprit. Ensure it’s secured tightly and ensure no wires are obstructed or frayed.

Check Your Outdoor Unit

Last but not least, don’t forget to inspect your outdoor unit. Ensure the outside unit is free from debris, foliage, or anything that could block the air flow. Clean the unit with a garden hose, but bear in mind not to use high pressure – this could damage the unit.

Always remember, while these small DIY tips can be handy in many cases, an air conditioner is a complex machine and needs expert attention if more serious issues arise. If you’re unsure about what you’re doing, it is suggested to reach out to a professional service right away.

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