Easy Do-It-Yourself Tips for Maintaining Your Furnace

When it comes to home maintenance, the heating system tends to be overlooked. However, keeping your furnace in tip-top shape is crucial to ensuring your home stays comfortable in the cooler months. Here at Staab & Sons, Inc., leading service providers in Furnace Service and Heating Service in Pittsburgh, we believe knowledge about simple DIY furnace maintenance can go a long way in saving money and avoiding unnecessary problems.

Regular Cleaning

Your furnace can accumulate dirt and debris over time so regular cleaning is necessary. Wipe down the exterior of your furnace with a damp cloth. For the interior, it is suggested to use a low-pressure air compressor to blow out dust gently. Be sure to cut power to the furnace before attempting this task!

Keep Vents and Filters Clear

Blocked vents and dirty filters drastically cut down the efficiency of your heating system. Regularly check all vents and filters, ensuring they are not blocked by furniture or dust, and clean or replace them as necessary. This will greatly improve the heat flow in your home, and also reduce the risk of fires.

Inspect the Thermostat

If you are having trouble with your furnace, the thermostat is a good place to start your troubleshooting. Ensure the thermostat is set to heat and that the temperature setting is above room temperature. If it’s a programmable thermostat, double-check the settings and correct any incorrect ones.

Check for Leaks

Seals in your heating system can degrade over time and cause leaks, leading to efficiency losses. Carefully inspect your heating system and take note of any areas where you suspect a leak. If you find any, professional help will be necessary to correct this issue.

These are just a few simple steps that homeowners can follow to maintain their furnace. However, it’s crucial to remember that serious malfunctions or breakdowns require the attention of a professional service provider like Staab & Sons, Inc., the trusted Furnace Service and Heating Service provider in Pittsburgh. Until then, with these basic do-it-yourself furnace maintenance tips, you can keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently.