A Day in the Life: Spotlight on a Temperature Control, Inc. Employee

The alarm jolts me awake at 6:00 AM sharp. I’m not much of a morning person, but coffee quickly becomes my ally. This is a day in the life at Temperature Control, Inc., where the hustle never stops.

Morning: A Day of AC Installation

A quick review of my to-do list reveals a day dominated by AC installation tasks. The hot summers in Tucson, AZ have most households and office spaces on high alert and our services are in demand. I load up my truck with tools and gear—can’t forget my trusted box of sparks and wires—and I’m off.

Arriving at my first job, I’m greeted with a wave of musty warmth as the old air conditioning unit had given up. This is precisely why I love my job. By the end of the shift, our clients will be able to enjoy a cool and comfortable atmosphere, all thanks to our AC installation service.

Afternoon: Heating System Installation and Consultations

Post-lunch usually involves installations of heating system, especially as we get closer to winter. This afternoon, I’m off to a stylish residential building in Oro Valley, AZ. I adore getting to know a variety of customers and their distinct design preferences when it comes to the heating systems.

By dusk, after a consultation concluded for a client in Flowing Wells, AZ, I tick off the last item on my checklist before heading back to the office for a final wrap up on my work done for both heating system installation and consultation.

Evening: Wrapping Up with a Smile

The last sweep of the day involves resolving any pending queries on air conditioning service, going over daily operations, and preparing for the next day. For some, it might be downtime. But for us at Temperature Control, Inc., it’s the time for compiling, strategizing, and enhancing our services.

As I head home, passing Tortolita, AZ, and Catalina, AZ, I find myself bursting with pride. The satisfaction of providing our dedicated service – whether it’s air conditioning service or repair or plumbing service – to our clients is the driving force of us here at Temperature Control, Inc.