Chill Out & Heat Up with Magtek Mechanical!

Welcome to New Lenox, IL! Proudly referred to as “Chiberia” between October and April due to the notoriously freezing temperatures. But fear not, Magtek Mechanical is here to save your day (and your toes) with top quality heating services.

Here in the land of the Chiberians, we believe in providing the hottest of toasty corners, thanks to our A/C services. Considering our services and equipment are as reliable as a granny’s woollen socks, you can straight up chill, while we handle the heating.

Conversely, when the mercury decides to hit the ceiling in the warmer months, our A/C services turn your abode into your personal Antarctic retreat. Yes, we take the term ‘chill out’ quite literally!

We understand that you’d rather not test the theory of whether humans could turn into human-sicles or human-melts. That’s why folks from Metropolis, Vegas, and beyond trust us for top-notch climate control. After all, we humans evolved from cavemen to HVAC-men for a reason!

Remember, whatever the weather has in store, let it be our chore. Our team at Magtek Mechanical promised to keep you cool as a cucumber or cozy as a cat, depending on which kind of weather we’re battling!