Turning Heat Waves into Cool Breezes: Our Expert AC & Heating Service Legacy

“Handed down over generations, the story of Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc. embodies passion, dedication, and a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction. In the hostile heat waves of summer, we’ve been the chiller provider, turning hot afternoons into cool, refreshing days. Our Expert AC & Heating Services, which include vital Repairs & Installations, are punctuated with a personal touch – a quality that makes us what we are.

Many years ago, a simple idea sparked a revolution in our approach – an unwavering focus on value for money. This idea blossomed into affordable services that strike a balance between unparalleled performance and long-term durability. We’ve stayed ahead of the curve, translating technological advancements into tangible benefits for our customers, offering more than just air conditioning; we give comfort and peace of heart.

Whether it’s the sweltering crisis of a broken AC or the urgent need for a new system, Long’s is your knight in shining armour. Our repair and installation services promise not just solutions, but experiences you’ll cherish. After all, we’re not just in the business of air conditioning. We’re in the business of comfort and trust.”